Partner: Energietechnik-Elektronik GmbH

ENITECH Subproject: Pressure-neutral underwater vehicles, Energy supply systems and submersible electric drives

Short Summary:
  • Design, development,manufacture and testing of two AUVs to operate from the shallow water, and especially in ultra-deep water (deeper than 1.500 m)
  • Conceptual processing, development, construction and testing of pressure-neutral energy supply systems for autonomous underwater vehicles, the surface vessel and the ground station.
  • Enhancement of pressure-neutral energy supply systems as well as developing solutions for pressure neutral high- energy storage ranging from 100 kWh to 300 kWh.
  • Conceptual processing, development, construction and testing of pressure-neutral non-contact power transmission facilities for recharging the measured vehicles (AUV’s) from the energy storage on the ground station.
  • New- and further development of pressure-neutral electric drives
  • Design, development, manufacture and test of an optical modem with high range with high bandwidth and direction detection.
  • Pressure-neutral optical and acoustic relay station for operation on single core cable.

The sub-project "Pressure neutral underwater vehicles, power supplies and underwater drives" builds on the findings and experiences from the previous projects of ENITECH "Pressure Neutral Systems deep sea" on.

The AUV’s in the SMIS system are characterized by a very small and lightweight design that can be inexpensively adapted to the respective applications.

This unique characteristic can be realized only through the consistent application of the so-called pressure-neutral technology.

The combination of highly efficient electric drives and advanced energy saving, only allows the use of large radius of AUV’s in the SMIS project.

Special feature will include a plastic-metal composite structure with a frame payload, which allows the vehicleto act, as a hybrid AUV or ROV (HROV).

In particular, new underwater propulsion solutions should be developed for corrosion protection in the magnet gap region. Furthermore, new potting for submersible electric drives  are developed, weight and efficiency optimization can be performed. In addition, solutions for the use of ceramic bearings and pressure-tolerant transmissions are to be developed.

Focus of the development of pressure-neutral energy supply systems are to improve the gravimetric and volumetric energy density and the development of solutions for pressure-neutral high energy storage ranging from 100 kWh to 300 kWh.